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We visit schools from year 4 up

Promoting the future of bees is so important. We have a team of beekeepers who will come into schools to talk about and show bees. The talks cover the life cycle of the honey bee, comparison with other types of bees and wasps, and the importance of insect pollination particularly in relation to the food we eat.

For talks taking place during May and June we will also bring to the school an observation hive with working bees and queen safely behind glass. Visits with the observation hive are limited as the bees need time to recover between outings, so book early to avoid disappointment. The observation hive is only available for schools in and around Farnham.

However, at any time of year children can taste honey fresh from the comb, try on bee suits, look at beekeeping equipment and feel and smell fresh beeswax as well as learning all about bees.

Whilst demonstrations are tailored to the different stages of the curriculum and the needs of the school, they are more suitable for children in year 4 and above.

We also can give similar talks to other groups such as scouts, youth clubs, after-school clubs etc.

Please note:  We are often asked what the fee is – we make no charge for the service. If you would like to make a donation it is always appreciated.

Further Education Resources

The BBKA have developed a ‘Bees in the Curriculum’ package which has been developed with teachers and is available to all schools registered. It can be found at

Other resources for primary schools can be found at

The University of Sussex –

The Countryside Classroom –

Penrith Beekeepers ‘Bring a Buzz to the Classroom’ . –

Rowse Honey Bee School