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Join our association

Our membership year starts on 1st October, which is reduced if you join mid-season. We also offer an ‘Friend’ membership, which keeps you in touch with Farnham beekeepers and what is going on.

Our members attend local fairs and fetes during the summer season including Tilford Village Fair and The Bourne Show, where we show bees in an observation hive and sell locally produced honey. We also support events at the Rural Life Centre including Rustic Sunday and the Activity Thursdays they hold during the school summer holiday.

The full membership is around £50 and includes:

  1. FBKA membership with our apiary and learning opportunities, newsletter, members’ events (winter talks, disease clinic, honey show etc), honey extractor hire and so on.
  2. British Beekeepers Association (BBKA) membership. We are affiliated to the BBKA via Surrey Beekeepers, of which we are a division. This includes an excellent newsletter, BBKA News, and Public Indemnity and Bee Disease insurance in case it is necessary to destroy a colony due to a notifiable disease (fortunately rare).
  3. Beecraft – an excellent monthly magazine.

If you have any further queries or would like to join, please contact Margaret Lennard via email: