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Set in the grounds of the Rural Life Centre in Tilford, Farnham Beekeepers Association aims to support and encourage the craft of beekeeping.

We are keen that everyone should be well informed about bees and their importance to the environment.  As well as information on our website, courses on beekeeping and practical help and advice through our teaching apiary we visit schools and other societies to give talks, often bringing one of our observation hives in the summer season.

We are one of the 8 Divisions of the Surrey Beekeepers Association and draw our members from the south-western corner of the county.  There are no fixed boundaries with our members coming from Bentley in the west through to Elstead, Godalming and Shamley Green to the east, Baghot and Camberley to the north and Grayswood and Haslemere in the south.

We are able to advise on swarms, collecting them where possible, as well as offering information on bumblebees, other bees, wasps, etc.


Swarms of honeybees energy from a colony as an obvious, noisy, swirling cloud of bees. They appear to be falling over themselves to get out of the colony, and within minutes will start to gather in a cluster. This could be on a nearby post or wall.

Find out what to do if you think you’ve seen a swarm of bees…

Keeping Bees

Keeping bees can be very expensive – getting set up with a hive, kit and bees can cost around £600. And there are lots of other things aside from cost to take into consideration – proximity to livestock, playing fields – and your neighbours.

Find out more about what is involved with keeping bees…

Surrey Beekeepers’ Divisions are also found in Guildford, Croydon, Epsom, Kingston, Reigate, Weybridge and Wimbledon.

Surrey BKA is an independent Charity and is an Area Member Association of the British Beekeeping Association.