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short courses

Wisborough Green Beekeepers Association a division of West Sussex BKA

“Improve Your Beekeeping” courses

Dates:- Sunday November 3rd 2019. “The Early Years”, Sunday November 24th 2019. “Intermediate/advanced”

Wisborough Green BKA are organising two one day courses that will include ideas, techniques and information to help beekeepers manage their bees efficiently, with care and understanding.

Tuition in the apiary with a colony of bees in front of you is valuable for developing practical skills and demonstrating management techniques. It is important to have a reasonable knowledge and understanding of what is being demonstrated, otherwise you are shown how to do something without knowing why, or how the bees will react, but where do you learn that essential information? These courses fill those gaps and are packed full of good sound information that is not always found in books, or easy to teach at apiary demonstrations.

They will be held early in the winter, so those who wish to try something different will have plenty of time to prepare for next season, or to study further if they feel they have gaps in their knowledge.

To suit all beekeepers there will be two levels, “The Early Years” and “Intermediate/advanced”, although it is expected that many will attend both.

Tutor. Roger Patterson

Cost: £10/head inc refreshments. Please bring your own lunch.

Venue:- Rudgwick Village Hall, Guildford Road, Bucks Green, West Sussex. RH12 3JJ

For further information and to book (essential) please see

NDB Short Courses

NDB Short Courses are aimed at all beekeepers, to assist you in developing your own bee handling capabilities and knowledge, and are open to all. The courses are subsidised by FERA, and provide an intensive, but fun mixture of beekeeping theory & practice, and are both classroom and apiary based, with lots of opportunities for questions and participation. The courses will equip you with skills to manage and understand your own bees better, whether you are just looking to get more enjoyment from your beekeeping and develop your skills to make beekeeping more enjoyable and easier, or you are taking BBKA exams, and looking to learn best practices from expert tutors.

The course details, and all other information including booking can be found on the links below:

Handling Skills ://

Colony Manipulations ://